Zealandia Eco-Sanctuary – A hidden paradise in Wellington City

Like an oasis the sanctuary immediately thrusts you into a completely different place, despite being located right in the heart of Wellington City within just 15minutes of Lambton Quay. It's actually the very first Eco-Sanctuary of its kind in the whole world and covers 225 hectares. Plans are big here to restore the area to… Continue reading Zealandia Eco-Sanctuary – A hidden paradise in Wellington City


The Grey Ghost – South Island Kokako

Just lately, in the latest edition of the New Zealand Geographic, there has been an article regarding the plight of the South Island Kōkako. I have spent the day reading it and researching more about this bird and I'm hooked. It makes sense to me to truely believe that this bird could still be out… Continue reading The Grey Ghost – South Island Kokako