Having grown up and spent most of my life (but not all) in New Zealand I have travelled the country multiple times. I’ve recently returned from 18 monthes travelling New Zealand that included one of my stints on the Te Araroa trail. I’m passionate about NZ – its the most amazing country ever and I’m so blessed to be born here.

This blog is about all the amazing places I’ve visited and will continue to visit all over the country over the rest of my lifetime. My niche passions are our backcountry huts and the tracks that will take you there, and the Te Araroa Trail which is our top to bottom trail. You will find more about these on their page tabs at the top of my blog.

If I say anything more here, it’s that I am constantly saying you could spend a lifetime travelling NZ. I’ve spent mine so far (that’s 33years) and have been to a heap of places, but there’s just as many and more that I haven’t been. My top recommendation is to spend a year if possible – and if possible definitely not 10days (although if 10 days is all you have then its better than nothing at all!).

Everyone will have a different window of opportunity for travelling NZ so just see what you can with the time you have – You’ll love it!!

Contact: gemsandtreasures.contact@gmail.com

All works and photographs copyright. Please contact me for use / purchases.


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