New Zealand’s top 3 lighthouse destinations not to be missed!!

We love lighthouses!! The beauty, the romance, the charm, what’s not to love?!

New Zealand is home to some fantastic lighthouse destinations, and while as a top lighthouse fan I have to say they are all fantastic (with some I’m yet to see of course), here are my personal top 3;

Castlepoint Lighthouse:


A very popular lighthouse destination this one, and I couldn’t say that I’m surprised – the location is incredible!

You’ll find this beauty on the eastern coast of the North Island in the Wairarapa region and of all of these lighthouses; this one is the most accessible. It’s nestled amoungst the small beach side village of Castlepoint Beach and is only a short 5 minute walk from the carpark.

And despite the fact it is one of the more popular lighthouse locations, it’s still a place I consider to be off the main tourist route, making it one of my favourite off the beaten track gems.

In fact, you can see it featured in one of the articles I have written for the Lost Tribe travel & lifestyle magazine –

Kaipara North Lighthouse:


Now this lighthouse is just awesome! It’s no quick trip off the road though and will require a bit of travel off the beaten tourist route that is well worth it!

To get to this lighthouse you will need to drive north to the western town of Dargaville in Northland and then travel south down the Kaipara North Head. It’s a couple of hours return walk on the right tide from Pouto settlement or by 4wd – check with the locals for advice! I totally advise spending a few days out here too, we spent a whole week at least and explored all the beaches along the way – it was a trip I absolutely loved!!

A heritage listed lighthouse, it is one of only a very small handful of remaining timber lighthouses in New Zealand. Built in 1883 – 84 it guided shipping into the Kaipara harbor across it’s notoriously treacherous sandbar.

Read more about the history of this incredible lighthouse –

Cape Brett Lighthouse:


Probably my personal most romantic lighthouse – I got engaged here after all! This lighthouse is just incredible! It’s location is rugged, remote, and isolated.

Located in the Bay of Islands in the beautiful ‘Winterless North’ it’s a stunning 8 hour hike from Rawhiti and a beautiful overnight stay in one of the old lighthouse keepers houses which is now a DOC hut. You can also reach it in just 2-3 hours from Deep water cove or by Water Taxi right to the hut with the right sea conditions.

There is so much history here and we spent two beautiful nights enjoying this most incredible of locations.

For the full story and more information check out my other post on my dedicated hut page –


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