Zealandia Eco-Sanctuary – A hidden paradise in Wellington City

Like an oasis the sanctuary immediately thrusts you into a completely different place, despite being located right in the heart of Wellington City within just 15minutes of Lambton Quay. It’s actually the very first Eco-Sanctuary of its kind in the whole world and covers 225 hectares. Plans are big here to restore the area to its pre-human state.

The sanctuary is surrounded by predator fencing to protect the wildlife being restored within its space. In fact the wildlife is overflowing with Tui’s happily grazing the area outside the entrance.

I love the way this place is set-up to cater for anyone. You’ll get around the main loop easily in a wheelchair and there is a myriad of other trails and paths that will take you right to the furthermost bounds of the property. You can cover the main loop in a couple of hours, do the mini loop in 30 minutes, or spend a day (or more) easy losing yourself in this tranquil paradise.

The bird life is flourishing and the favourite of mine was the Takahe. This bird is a survivor and he is beautiful too with his stunning blue plumage. It was once thought that we had lost the Takahe as he was declared extinct before being later rediscovered. That, I think, is awesome!!

Although I think the bird life steals the show you’ll find all our wee reptile guys in here too.

Keen to experience the magic?

You’ll find more info at;ย https://www.visitzealandia.com/

The Takahe having a good wee grassey snack ๐Ÿ™‚





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