Riwaka Resurgence -You’ll be blown away by the beauty!

Last weekend on my most recent little local adventure, I set off to visit another place on my list of local area to-do’s; the Riwaka Resurgence and I was blown away! This river is one of the most beautiful wee rivers I have ever seen! Whats’ even more incredible is that this is no ordinary beautiful river. The Riwaka Resurgence is where the river literally appears from a cave in the Takaka hillside.

The Riwaka Resurgence

The place is known as Te Puna O Riuwaka to New Zealand’s Maori people and is a wahi tapu site – meaning that it is of great cultural significance. It is a place that Maori consider to be sacred and where they would not eat or swim, they would come for healing and they would bring their babies to be blessed.

The cave where this river emerges was first dived in 1963 by three men who took the plunge into the unknown. The names of these men are Graham Hawkins, Roger Cross and Ross McDonald and you’ll find an incredible article all about their dive and what they discovered inside that cave in this link. It is a cave that should only be dived by professional divers.

Picnic spot en route to the Riwaka Resurgence

It will take you just 5-10 minutes walk to get to the resurgence from the carpark where there is a great picnic area with toilets.There are others spots to check out en route too including a beautiful wee waterfall at the most incredibly clear wee pool. For more information on how to get there see here.


**Photography from this trip available for purchase – please see here.


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