They’re everywhere, they’re spectacular, and you have to get out there and get on top of one!

New Zealand peaks!! They are incredible!!

I have to confess – I’m a total peak addict. I kind of like collecting things in the outdoors and along with visiting all our backcountry huts I love bagging peaks. I’m no mountaineer though so these peaks are non-mountaineering peaks …. for now …

There are so many out there to choose from and you’ll get the most amazing views! It’s great for your health and well being too 🙂 Get out your maps and find a peak near you that fits your capability’s and you’ll be addicted in no time. Certainly beats going to the gym!

I keep another blog King of the Castle Kiwi where I like to post my peaks and there’s a heap of other peak baggers out there who love bagging peaks too, one group in particular loves bagging trigs (which are often at peaks) and they have an awesome facebook page you can become a part of and share your pics!

Need some ideas to get you started?? Here’s just five that are amongst my most favourite to date;

Mt Manaia


A good starter peak at 420m ascent this peak will give you incredible views up the Whangarei Harbour. For a peak that’s comparatively small this one also has quite a presence with its unique looking mountaintop.

Mt John


At just a 300m ascent this peaks also a cracker for starting out. It’s a walking grade track, and there’s a cafe at the top. Quite possibly the best spot to drink coffee in the country – and – you’ll have earnt it (actually on that note get a brownie too!) 😛

Mt Pirongia


One of the North Islands most incredible peaks. Gets a bit muddy up here at times but on a good day the views from the top are insane!! Also, within 30 minutes walk from the summit is Pahautea Hut so you can stay overnight here in the comfort of a hut.

Avalanche Peak


Situated in the Arthurs Pass this 1000m ascent will get you some incredible scenery. Not advised in poor weather or in winter, as its definately one that requires some nerves of steel near the top as its very exposed. See the DOC centre in the village for further advice if you are unsure. Nonetheless, on a good summer day this can be one of the most amazing peaks in the South Island!!

Roys Peak


World famous for its incredible view this peak is well worth its 1200m ascent. While it takes you into an alpine environment (so it’s important to have the right gear and clothing), the track is in great condition and is easily navigated. You’d be nuts to miss this one.

To keep yourself updated on more great peak ideas check out King of the Castle Kiwi 🙂



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