The top 10 places I’ve woken up to in New Zealand …. so far ….

As a keen New Zealand enthusiast, you can imagine I’ve woken up in some pretty incredible locations. Here’s a list of 10 (in no particular order) which I have painstakingly picked as being the best so far.

1. Mt Roberts:

Situated in the Nelson Lakes National Park only a few hours walk from the road end, this is probably the best place I’ve had my morning coffee …..ever!!


2. Crow Valley:

After scaling Avalanche Peak and scrambling down the worlds worst scree slope, arriving at the hut about 30 minutes after dark, this was an incredibly beautiful valley to wake up to.


3. Te Werahi Beach:

In some ways this feels like a picture of day one of our 2014-2015 Te Araroa hike, but seen as we set out from the lighthouse at 10pm the night before this is actually day two.


4. Mt Arthur:

In Kahurangi National Park, a view set in heaven.


5. Nelson Waterfront:

On a day where the morning adventure was closer to home, my new home, this was the best morning walk I’ve taken in a long time!


6. South Shore:

One of my favourite beaches in Christchurch and one of the most perfect morning stroll beaches I know!


7. Cape Brett:

Bay of Islands, Northland. This location will take your breath away!!!


8. Molesworth Station:

I hate picking favourites, but the Molesworth Station will steal your heart. Expect to fall in love.


9. Kahurangi Tops:

Catching starbursts at Sylvester Hut ❤


10. Marfells Beach:

One of the best places to camp in the Blenheim area. Seaside perfection!!



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